Tidy up your life once and for all

Let's clean up!

Together we'll create your very own system and with that an environment where you simply feel good. By combining practice with philosophy I can help you to do just that. Tidying up is about getting rid of all the disturbing stuff and freeing up your living space.

The good news is that you only have to do this once. Because once you know what you need to pay attention to it will be much easier to maintain the order. Throughout the process we'll concentrate on the things that bring you joy so we can create the right environment for you to rest, relax and be creative.

Interior design, self-awareness and the art of storing clothes

Tidying up differently

There are things that we cling on to, there is other stuff we just accumulate over time and there are those attachments that seem rather inexplicable. Behind these mechanisms lies a system that can be understood and learnt.

The way we live, how things surround us, tell us a whole lot about our personality. The process of tidying up will show you the things that inspire you and those which are holding you back. You'll find out that we have this almost magical connection with the objects we possess.

Stuff tells your story

Every little thing that surrounds us has a special meaning for us. And those meanings are the keys to understand our inner world. When you examine your creative space or the place where you relax, you get a feedback from that area.

What is on your table? Or in that drawer over there? Even more so if you examine the places that no one can see, you will be able to understand something about yourself and rethink what is important in your life.

Joy in your home

Tidying up will help you understand yourself better. You'll get closer to the inner mechanism of your life and you'll unravel the messages your belongings try to tell you.

Those realisations will help us to create the space and atmosphere that will inspire you the most and will bring joy and satisfaction to your life.




The mirror room

The space around us reflects our personality. The kind of stuff we have and the way we store them speaks about our state of mind and shows what is the focus of our lives. Whether we ignore something or we are obsessed with it puts a mirror in front of our soul. Tidying up happens at your home, but it starts with you. It changes you in a more deeper level, which sometimes can be painful, but at the same time very liberating. The sorting and rearranging of things starts in your head, which then affects your environment too. I can be the control person in this self-awareness adventure that will help you to understand the process and to follow it through.

The circle of stuff

Selecting and sorting things out is an important part of tidying up. It helps us to see and appreciate the abundance we have. On the other hand, we can realise how much unnecessary stuff we have accumulated or how many tasks we have postponed.

Also, it can be hard to give something away. We stick to our past and we are afraid of the future. We collect, accumulate, delay and deny.

Knowing your things will go to a really good place will help in letting them go. I am in contact with foundations, charities, communities and rural municipalities who will help us find the best places to send donations. The clothes you don’t wear, the books you don’t read, all the unwanted treasures can go to families in real need of those things! Sometimes we don’t even realise that by giving away what we don’t need we can make other people happy.

This way almost nothing goes to the rubbish. We simply restructure your home! You will keep those things that makes you happy and give away those that are not necessary anymore.

Of course, you can also sell your unwanted belongings. Perhaps you can invest in your next dream with that money.

Journey into the World of tidying up

The story of Dora Kovacs

I would like to pass on a method that will help you to connect to yourself and to your home.

Since I was 14 I wanted to be a fashion designer. I graduated at Krea Contemporary Art School in 2014. At the same time I started my own designer brand Bridget & Olivia.
In 2015 I received my second BA degree in Art Philosophy at ELTE University.
Both universities helped me to bond philosophy with craftsmanship. I was always interested in clothing. How clothes are used, how they are stored. While working as a stylist I have looked into the closets of a lot of people. I noticed that we don't have the necessary techniques with which we could store our clothes practically and without wrinkles.

The Japanese method of Marie Kondo opened up new ways for me towards clothes and people.
First, I tested it on my own home. I kept developing it further, making more and more emphasis on the psychological aspects of it. It was fascinating to see how the ambient of my clients' home were changing as well as their wellbeing.
I love the stories of things and I'm really interested in people's needs. By helping my clients I realised how hard it is to change things and how clingy we can get in relation to them, even if they don't bring any joy. To express these attachments and to let go of them was the most liberating for my clients.

I loved tidying up with Dori. After decades I couldn't postpone it any longer. Dori was my living conscience. She stood beside me and helped me to follow through the process and let go off the things that I don’t need anymore.
The house and its habitants got freshened up while a ton of unnecessary stuff was leaving the house. The energies of our home were being renewed. Long forgotten things found their way back to me. I even found the books I was searching for several times before. My wardrobe and my cupboards became tidy and organised.

Finally I don't just wear the same couple of clothes that lands on top of the pile after being washed. The new clothes storage system has a horizontal arrangement so there's no "top" of anything! The order is continuous. If you stick to the new clothes folding technique, chaos simply won't come back to rule your wardrobe ever again. Even after months it's still a wonderful feeling to look into the drawers or at the cabinets or bookshelves.
This system is a pleasure for the soul. Life by itself can be so chaotic, it's soothing and empowering to have order at least in your home.
Order became a value to me that is finally available, achievable and sustainable.

— Zsuzsi, 45
Mother of Four
Nursery Teacher

After a while certain corners of our home can turn into places where we don't like spending time. Where you just pile up stuff you don't use and would rather not have a second look. You avoid it day to day with growing guilt and you never seem to find the time to deal with it.
Thanks to Dora and her method these places bring joy once again! It feels good to look at them or spend time there. I could say that we have re-inhabited certain areas of our home.

— Ádám, 28

I wanted to start tidying up for a while now. The stuff that had cluttered up throughout the years was hidden in the bottom of a cupboard. It was devastating. Since I live with my partner the hardest part was to let go and stop controlling other people's stuff and personal space. Dori was a big help doing that. Beside assisting in the process she inspired both of us to be more open and to look at a problem from a different angle while she also managed to help set aside our differences.
By starting all this, everything became fresh again. Not just the apartment, but myself as well. I think I got a lot more out of this process than I've expected: great conversations, a system I can use in my everyday life and a clean home without chaos.

— Nóra, 26

The first time you came I was really excited. I had a lot of fun during the tidying up. It was fairly easy to get rid of my unused clothes, but it was so much harder to let my unwanted plush toys go, though I haven't been using them anymore. By the time we finished, I saw my room as it were totally new and improved. Thank you Dori, I enjoyed it a lot!

— Réka, 11

The patient guidance of Dori and the system developed by her is an alternative in the culture of stuff and trash. It is a chance for us to return to our inner wisdom and recognise our true needs. So we won't be stuck in the chase for instant satisfactions anymore. Tidying up is this calming ritual where we face painful and uplifting realisations while being accompanied by a young woman who despite her age has the virtue of depth and discretion. It is worth trusting her along this exciting journey.

— Andrea, 43
Therapist, spiritual adviser

During the tidying up I was already feeling better and better. Dori was always helpful and patient with me. It was great fun to spend these couple of days with her. She was paying close attention and she asked simple questions to help me move on with choices that seemed difficult.
My apartment got a lot more organised and cozy! It feels better to look into my closet and I especially love that my clothes are organised by colour. Also, they don't get wrinkled with the new folding technique which is great. The endless accumulation of plastic bags and gift bags are over. Everything found its place so finally I can relax at home.
It will be easier to keep it that way too, because Dori's system is logical and easy to follow. I am very glad she helped me to follow through this process!

— Fanni, 28
Fashion designer, stylist

I live in London for 3 years now and every time I go back home my old childhood room greats me the same way I left it. All of my toys, all the stuff from my teenage years are there waiting. For a while I enjoyed it, like nothing had changed.
I didn't even realise how much unnecessary stuff I was storing and the real treasures were hiding deep within the cupboards. To confront with this was both nostalgia and moving on. With the help of Dori we have sent a lot of unwanted clothes and stuff to places where they can make good use of them. This was a major inspiration for me to let things go.

— Richárd, 22

Dora Kovacs

Are you interested in this new method of tidying up? Would you like to try it out?

You can count on my full discretion and my help throughout the process. Contact me if you have decided to get your home in order once and for all.


What does my service include?

First meeting It starts with getting to know you and your home. I measure the amount of work to be done and we'll discuss your needs. I explain more about the process of tidying up and we'll talk a lot about you and your home.

The first consultation has a fixed price of 16.000 HUF + vat (within Budapest and Székesfehérvár) and takes about 2 hours.
The process We'll go step by step from sorting to storing. I'll teach you a Japanese folding technique with which you can store your clothes practically without them getting wrinkled. Meanwhile we'll rewrite the concept of having a home, cleaning up or tidying up. Throughout the process you will understand more and more how different it is when your home and your belongings are not just available to you, but they truly serve you. This will help you not just to discover your inner desires, but also to further develop your ability to make quick decisions.

Rates: 4 hours 22.000 HUF + vat, 5 hours 25.000 HUF + vat How long does a tidying up take? The duration depends on the size of your home, the amount of stuff that has been accumulated and also on your decisiveness.
For children Why can't children keep their rooms clean? Why do you find their rooms messy over and over again? Usually when we think about tidying up, we imagine putting things from one place to another. There's no instructions on how to sort and there's no tradition either. Not at home, not in the schools. But tidying up is actually just another learnable skill, easy to master. I can help your children along the way and explain to them about the process step by step. I can teach them how to choose between things, how to organise their belongings and how to create an atmosphere that matches their needs. Order will find its way to your kid's room as soon as they get a grasp of what tidying up means and what direction they should follow.
It's always surprising to see just how quickly children pick up on the rhythm of tidying up and how much they enjoy it. And in the meantime they process past years and get closure. I am always impressed by the kids' honesty and their confessions. Their opening up leads to meaningful interpretations. The time spent together helps parents to get closer to their child's needs and to the personality revealed by their personal space.
I recommend this to everyone from age 6 and up. Tidying up a child's room can take up to 6-10 hours. This depends on the size of the room, the accumulated objects and schedule and energy of the child.
For businesses Besides making your home a joyful place to arrive to after work, I also offer you the opportunity for tidying up at your workplace. Your desk and your office are as important parts of your life as your home. You spend most of your days at work so it is extremely important to spend it at a place that inspires you the most. You'll get a chance to recognise the things that pull you back and those that strengthen you. And with that we'll create a system that you feel comfortable with. Thanks to the practical storing solutions you can finally take back your own creative space and instead of stuff flowing out from your drawers, it will be a delight to look into them.
Let your things start serving you to make your job more enjoyable!
This can be a great present for your colleagues or even the whole company.
Get started, I'll help you!